Fire is a way of life for award winning, Texas-based artist Gayle Ormon. Not only does she throw sparks as she shapes her artwork, she is married to a firefighter. At first glance, you might not think this mother of two is a metal worker, since so few women are drawn to the world of sheet metal. Yet, her diminutive stature and femininity belie the drive she has in her heart to produce these stunning pieces born of fire.
Gayle had been an oil painter for many years when she happened upon using a plasma cutter and was struck with the artistic possibilities of this new medium—steel. Over the course of 2 years she learned, experimented, and developed her current style, which earned her a coveted spot at the exclusive Main Street Fort Worth Art Festival in 2018.
Gayle describes her work as ‘directed chaos’. Pulling the imagery out of steel with a plasma-cutter, she lets the metal guide her to find the design within, sometimes spontaneously deviating from the original design. Then Gayle angle grinds the surface and uses a water-like stain, which often takes on a life of its own. Her work has been described as ethereal and a juxtaposition of ferocity and beauty.
Gayle has been invited to show her work across the Dallas/Fort worth area and is currently accepting commissioned work in both metal and canvas.