I think of sheet metal as a diamond in the rough. It’s dirty and can be difficult to work with, but with some polish it becomes a new and engaging canvas. I enjoy the juxtaposition of the raw, heavy, strength of steel and the luminous, ethereal imagery that is possible with it. It is my goal to inspire viewers through images of joy, compassion, and freedom. This seems to be the perfect media to attain that.
I prepare the metal surface with a wire-cup brush. That process creates a texture on the metal that reflects light in such a way that the piece appears to change as the viewer moves. The acetone stain I use behaves a lot like watercolors. For that reason I have been influenced by many watercolorists in my metalwork.
Everyone is fighting battles in their life, but we get to choose how we react. I believe that happiness is a choice. I hope my work reminds people of the joy, child-like wonder, and the compassionate acts of those around us which inspire me.